Bed and breakfast Parma

Your bed and breakfast in Parma, a convenient facility in Salsomaggiore

The Amica Hotel is a comfortable three star Bed and Breakfast in Salsomaggiore, centrally located close to the historic village. Our 24 rooms guarantee extreme comfort and relaxation thanks to an offer designed for a diverse clientele, engaged in business travel, leisure or spa.

The restaurant, open only to house guests, is the ideal endroit where to taste typical regional cuisine, featuring authentic products and enriched by the sublime goodness of handmade pasta.

The proximity to the spas Berzieri and T-Spatium makes it the perfect place to enjoy a pleasant spa weekend in Emilia Romagna, booking directly your in-hotel massage, treatments, wellbeing paths and beauty service.

The surrounding area can inspire you, full of wonders not to be missed as it is, such as the castles of the old Duchy, for example Tabiano and Bargone, the Charterhouse of Parma, and the church of St. John the Baptist at Contignaco and the Stirone River Park.

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